Join our effort

We are looking for……

  • African entrepreneurs who are willing to be part in the insect business;
  • Consumers and retailers who are interested to buy fresh or dried crickets, or cricket powder;
  • Medium farmers: have to invest approximately 30.000 euro to establish a farm of 70 m2 with 500 crates for reproduction (63 million eggs annually) and upbreeding (3400 kg fresh crickets annually). Pay-back period is 2-3 years, with net result of 192.000 euro annually when fully operational. See for more information on the technical details and business model – download documents;
  • Impact investors: who can support the mission of the Flying Food partnership by providing loans to the entrepreneurs and grants to the trainers for knowledge transfer.

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The Flying Food partnership offers you:

  • Over 40 years of experience in the cricket business in Europe and Africa;
  • Applied know-how to start up your cricket business: training and guidance by local trainers and Dutch founders;
  • Entrance to a global partnership that realizes huge impact;
  • Orchestrating innovation: coordination and communication of this protein transition.