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Three farmers groups trained in October

In Uganda, at the beginning of October three groups of farmers were trained by the Flying Food trainers of EntoAfrica. The training included two theory sessions and one practical session for each group and contained several subjects for the farmers to be schooled in. The 30/3 crate system was explained and put into practice with…
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Bora – a Kenyan cricket based product line

Charles Odira, from partner MIXA, has launched a new cricket product line with the name BORA. The first product is ground crickets, that may be applied in a range of products such as cookies, bread or stews.
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Floods in Kenya

Heavy rains in April and May 2018 have caused floods in Kenya (Kisumu area). Cricket farm houses were filled with water. Some of them had to be evacuated with the help of the FF trainers team. One of the trainers remarked: “Someone might think that the water at the background is a lake, but actually it’s…
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Support for partner EntoAfrica by IAP

EntoAfrica has been selected to get funding from the Innovation Against Poverty (IAP) initiative, in which private sector partners take up the challenge to improve food, water, energy and ICT for low-income consumers, based on a sound business case. On 20 October, the contract between EntoAfrica and IAP was signed, and currently EntoAfrica is working…
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Crickets at health & nutrition fair

On Saturday 19 August, at the Health & Nutrition fair organized by Uganda Manufacurers’ Association in Kampala, Uganda, our partner EntoAfrica Ltd presented to the public their novel product BUUKA! BUUKA is derived from a Luganda-language word which means “Jump!” The brand was chosen to illustrate the highly nutritious properties of crickets which contribute to…
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Microfinance institution RAFODE joins the Flying Food initiative

Rearing crickets starts to be an attractive enterprise to be a part of. To support the farmers that want to start this new business, the microfinance institution RAFODE in Kenya has agreed to join the Flying Food initiative. RAFODE is microfinance institution registered in 2007. It operates in Western Kenya with 5 offices in Kisumu,…
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Revealing Flying Food business potential

End of June, Marijke de Graaf (ICCO), Erwin Beckers (TNO) and Margot Calis (Protifarm) visited the locations of the Flying Food project. During the visit, a number of the partners that research, rear, coach and process were frequented. The farmers and trainers were coached to increase the performance of rearing, while also the system to…
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Collaboration with MAMIDECOT

Rearing crickets is currently an attractive enterprise to get involved into! In an effort to support the small-holder farmers that want to start this new business, one of the leading microfinance institutions in Uganda, called Masaka Microfinance and Development Cooperative Trust Limited (MAMIDECOT)  has agreed to join the Flying Food Project initiative. MAMIDECOT is an…
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Processing workshops great success!

Now that rearing is starting its first upscaling steps, all information on processing and product development that has been gathered in the past few years can slowly be put into practice as well. In November 2016, a series of workshops on primary processing were given by Marleen Vrij to the local trainers and to groups…
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EntoAfrica joins the project

In the past months, intensive contact with Zahid Wissanji has led to the start-up of a large-scale rearing facility in Uganda. EntoAfrica aims at providing healthy food in a country where hidden hunger is a prime concern. Together with the Flying Food Project, the company has decided to move cricket rearing in the region forward…
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