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Optimisation egg laying places

For cricket farms it is important to have a high production of crickets. A part of the production is crickets laying eggs. The cricket farms use different types of substrates for crickets to lay eggs in, depending on which country the crickets are reared in. In Thailand farmers use rice husks combined with sand as…
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The first student project

The first student project of the Flying Food project is finished – it was on the digestibility of crickets in relation to processing. Michelle van Oort, student of the Maastricht University, wrote about her work in the Dutch Magazine VoedingsIndustrie Read the article: 201309_voedingsindustrie (PDF)
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Start of the project

In May 2013 the Flying Food project started with the ambitious goals of setting up hundreds of cricket farms in the Nyanza and Masaka regions in Kenya and Uganda. The farmers will provide thousends of low income consumers with highly nutritious crickets.
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