Flying Food Uganda scales up to 40 Cricket Rearing Centres

Flying Food Uganda scales up to 40 Cricket Rearing Centres

Flying Food Uganda received 1,100 cricket rearing crates from TNO in May 2016 for the phase I project upscaling. A total of 32 new farmers were mobilized and profiled. This was done in close collaboration with MAMIDECOT, a microfinance cooperative headquartered in Masaka, engaged through the Masaka District Administration (local government). Farmers received an intensive 4-day training course in the “Magic 3” cricket rearing system.  Most of the training was done at the location of established cricket farmers of the project using practical, hands-on methods.

After the training start-up kits were delivered to each new Cricket RearingCenter. They included everything necessary to to start cricket rearing i.e crates, hiding places and (very important) parent stock (start-up crickets). Regional coordinator David Kamukama provided each participant with a certificate and advised new farmers to take good care of the start-up kits and project activities. Masaka District officials also participated in the workshop.

By the end of the phase I, upscaling of the Flying Food project in Uganda will be at the level of:

  • 39 Cricket Rearing Centers with 30 crates each in 13 locations, each with a farm manager and a farm assistant
  • 1 Cricket Rearing Center with 60 crates producing parent stock to supply new farmers
  • 1 larger scale Cricket Rearing Center – EntoAfrica – with an initial 140 crates
  • Uganda Martyrs University (UMU) research unit with 60 crates

Flying Food in Uganda continues to maintain good working relationship with the Masaka District Administration, MAMIDECOT and UMU for the future of cricket rearing in Uganda.