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Flying Food Uganda scales up to 40 Cricket Rearing Centres

Flying Food Uganda received 1,100 cricket rearing crates from TNO in May 2016 for the phase I project upscaling. A total of 32 new farmers were mobilized and profiled. This was done in close collaboration with MAMIDECOT, a microfinance cooperative headquartered in Masaka, engaged through the Masaka District Administration (local government). Farmers received an intensive 4-day training…
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Cricket rearing as science

To optimize cricket rearing for the local conditions in the local culture around the Victoria lake, a lot of factors have to be investigated. In a recent publication associate professor Monica Ayieko (of partner JOOUST) explained the diversity of challenges that have to be solved. She describes some of the products that were made using…
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Extra support for Flying Food project

We are proud to announce that the Achmea Foundation supports the Flying Food project by a donation and a loan as well as with an in-kind contribution on risk assessment. The focus of the support is rearing in Kenya. Training and support of starting farmers is realized and a microfinancing system will be set-up. Furthermore,…
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Cricket research at the Uganda Martyrs University

Within the Flying Food project, cricket rearing is set up in Kenya and Uganda. For successful rearing, conditions have to be just right. Temperature, housing, feed, egg laying and many other parameters have to be optimized for local conditions. To investigate the rearing parameters under local conditions and speed up the rearing process, Uganda Martyrs…
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Flying Food on the Dutch Radio

Flying Food is attracting more and more attention. This March a reporter from the Dutch public radio interviewed several partners and farmers rearing crickets in Akado and Kabondo (both Kenya). On 3rd and 4th of May part of these interviews will be broadcasted in the programme ‘De Ochtend’ (‘The Morning’) on channel NPO Radio 1.…
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Conference in Kisumu

At the beginning of March, a workshop was organised in Kisumu to enhance the legislation and policy in the use of insect as food and feed. Monica Ayieko of JOOUST was part of the organising committee. In the two day conference, many aspects of the legislation were discussed. Both Monica and Erwin , Beckers (TNO)…
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Future cricket outlets

Once cricket production volumes are large enough, the crickets are foreseen to be processed at a central point and sold at the Mixa outlets on markets in Nyalenda, Kibuye and Jubilee. Kibuye market in Kenya is the largest open air market in East and Central Africa. It has temporary and permanent structures built in it.…
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Monitoring mechanism updated

As Flying Food is an innovative project measuring the results of our activities and sharing data with all partners is key to learn and further develop the project. Project staff in Kenya and Uganda makes use of tablets to collect data and images from farmers who manage a cricket knowledge center and to submit it…
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Product development in Kenya

In Kisumu, the Akado farmers group has developed five different products using milled cricket flour. There is a close collaboration between Mixa and the Akado farmer group. The Akado farmers  rear the crickets, which are dried and processed into flour by Mixa and eventually given back to Akado farmers who use the milled cricket flour…
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